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The all new Love tester 2.0 is designed to be fun and humorous and any harm in unintentional.

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Most recent and common names used are jack, jeffrey, rachel, douglas, julie, brian

The love test between two names is analysed as following:

friends only, lovers, admire eachother, going to get married, enemies, friends with benefits, booty calls, hate eachother, partners, boyfriend/girlfriend, secretly love eachother, have secret crush on eachother, match made in heaven

Warning: The Love tester is just made for fun. Please do not take any serious decisions based on the results you get with the love tester. Love tester is not reponsible or liable for any results that you might get in real life if you chose to ignore the warning. Below is some feedback form the Love tester:

"funny stuff...high 5 love tester"

"The lovetester is amazing !!! "

"told my friends to come and visit the site"

This is Love

What makes the love tester work?

It is a secret that has yet to be disclosed. Rest assued that only a handful number of people are prevy to the secret and odds are that you will never find out how the love tester actually works.

What users say about Love

What is Love?

People have been looking for the exact definition of love and no wonder none have been able to find it. Some say it is a sensation, some say it is feelings for some it is just another hormonal imbalance. So what exactly is it? The question is too difficult to answer. You just have to be in Love to know it! The feel, the essence, the sensation, the pain everything comes when you actually fall in Love. Fall in is definitely the right word. No matter how much you try but you would fell one day or the other into the grasp of the beautiful emotions that would change your life forever and ever. Love for me is "an attachment with an individual where you do not consider what you gain or what you lose! The only thing that matters is the happiness and the well being of the other person".

Love and its Phases

Love has prevailed ever since mankind has! The true essence of love and romance is one that enriches the life of every human being and stays with him till the time he/she dies. Love as described by psychologists happens in generally three phases:
- Lust is much like human requirements of thirst and hunger. You feel attracted towards an individual of the opposite sex and then you have a strong desire to know the person and get into touch.
- Attraction is short lived which is generated by lust and you try to do things that would please the other person and make him/her happy but then gradually with time you would lose interest.
- Attachment is when two individuals feel each other to be there lifelong companion and have a sense of responsibility to the person and make the other feel safe and secure with their presence. This is the soul-mate for you who will be with you all your life!

Love and Romance

One need to understand that love is not just about lust and sex and it is much more than that! Especially the couples who have been together for a long time feel that they miss love from their relationship. So is Love a switch which you can turn on and off as per your wish! No, it is a never ending attraction and care that you feel towards an individual because you value them and you love them! As for the couples people generally feel that way because they have ended the spice and romance in their relationships. Romance is a very necessary element of love. It keeps the essence and feel of love alive for a long time. So you need to spice up your love with small acts of romance like giving your partners gifts, or going together on a long drive and even holding each other's hands while walking!

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